Harry's Schnitzel Joint

Home of the Famous and best schnitzel in town!

Harry takes his schnitzeling mighty serious. From the way, he prepares the chicken to the way he presses it in the flour, from selecting the best cotton-seed oil to bringing it to the perfect cooking temperature.

The result is a schnitzel so light, so golden, so flavoursome. All our products are made in-house fresh each day. Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten-free options are available.

He’s a schnitzel-cooking, wrap-rolling, gut-filling, disher-outer of sweet times and he’s on a mission to create the best schnitzel experience on the planet. And to show he’s committed to taking the schnitzel to the people, he’s pulled the tarp off a rad LA-style food truck.

Shop 24,
204 Union Street,
The Junction NSW 2291

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday

10.00am to 4:00pm